This is fantastical romance adventure. A classical fairy-talish homage to THE PRINCESS BRIDE (book and movie by William Goldman). The theme to SOMEBODY KILL THE PRINCE! is that of diabolical machinations defeated by ‘Last Boy Scout’ good-guy/gal-ism! Write all the mostly ‘good parts’ of fun heroic family entertainment. Include authorial asides, rhyming, inconceivable conceits, memorable characters, unique creations, and most importantly, true love and loyalty. Honestly—just have fun writing good old fun stories to share with all the members of your family. Write to put a smile on the readers face!

In the true spirit of homage and theme, RBE is looking for the same number of stories as foes Fezzik says he can handle when Inigo asks, "How many could you handle?" before storming the castle in their defeat of the prince's diabolical machinations: 10. That’s right, only 10 stories. Target total word count for the anthology is 65k, so write your stories accordingly. Please Note: This does not mean flash. I am not interested in receiving any more stories less than 3,000 words. We are only accepting 10 stories and the target word count is 65,000; this means the average story lenght should be 6,500. Please write accordingly.

Submissions will remain open through fall of 2018 and until we find the stories we want. Response time on your first 500 words should be less than a week. There are always exceptions, but we will strive to keep all informed.

SPECIAL NOTE: Response times after the initial 500 words response will be much longer on this open call as we search for those stories with lively wit, seemly levity, and clear heroic values that fit best together within the target word count. The more we like your story, the longer we will hold it as we piece our puzzle together.


Publication is tentatively scheduled for Christmas 2018. Again, we will keep all informed. Payment of $42 flat per story shall be rendered after publication. Authors will also receive electronic copies and discounts on additional/future purchases.